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Benefits of Exercising With Weights

Exercising with weights is a very popular and extremely beneficial part of weight loss routine. Cardio training combined with weight exercises help burn more calories and tones the muscles in desired way. Men usually exercise with more weights to define and increase muscle mass while in women, exercise is done with small weights so the muscles tone and get a nice, feminine shape without bulking up. Women usually think that these exercises are not goof for them and that they will not make them thinner. But, most fitness instructors agree that a proper cardio followed by weight exercises is the only way to get those perfectly shaped legs, great butt and flat tummy. It’s quite obvious that when it comes to weight exercises and esthetical effect is more talked about, but we mustn’t forget all the health benefits these types of exercises have.


Similar to cardio, weight training speeds up the metabolism and increases the calorie burn throughout the day. Well balanced weight training should activate almost all muscles in the body, tone them, develop them and thus make you stronger. With greater strength you can cope with your daily activities easier and have more energy left for leisure time. Having more energy is equally beneficial for men and women- it enables a more active lifestyle and makes a person motivated to do more physical activities.

Weight training is ideal for bringing the spirit up and it can be a great stress relief. If you exercise instead of sitting in front of the TV with some chips, you will realize that stress leaves you faster and you don’t feel tired but energized and confident.


Making a weight training a part of your exercise routine will not just strengthen your muscles; it will also strengthen your bones and health thus making you less prone to injuries. Exercising with additional weights increases the level of good cholesterol and lowers the level of bad cholesterol. It also lowers blood pressure and prevents heart and blood vessels diseases that can occur later in life. It also slows up the aging processes in the body so you are not just better looking now, you will actually look younger and feel younger in the long run. With these exercises you are actually investing in your body and health, and you have to agree that this fact is worth doing it.